Goodbye Metro (formally known as THIS) is a Psychedelic Indie Rock band with dual basses from Buffalo, New York. Founded by Logan and Hayley Drost in the first hours of 2012, they were drawn to each other through the mutual passion to create a band that no one has heard before. In the beginning they tried several roles, from having two guitarists to just a guitarist and singer. After the turbulent journey of discovering that six strings were not achieving the ideas envisioned, Logan went back to his roots and the duo discovered that a lead bass is the direction they have desired all along. The band still felt as though something was missing, there needed to be a driving force through the melodic intricacies of Logan’s bass and Hayley’s gritty vocals to hold it all down and to enunciate the groove. Hayley learned how to play a low end rhythmic bass through the growth of their passion project and the duo found their footing in the musical direction they were destined to go. With lyrics and compositions to the brim, the duo had performed with various drummers and drum machines. Late in 2019, Logan and Hayley were approached by Spencer Eck who has been a drummer performing in multiple projects in Buffalo. The three hit it off and soon after have released their debut EP ‘Pretty Good, For A Girl.’ March 27th, 2020. Fresh out of their return to Watchmen Studio, Goodbye Metro is excited for their follow up EP ‘Well Adjusted’ Set to be released this year!